Monday, May 3, 2010

Deagan McCoy Barnes is HERE!!!!!

Deagan McCoy was born May 2, 2010 at 2:52 am- He weighed in at 8.2 lbs and is 22.5 inches long- The delivery went amazing and fast, which I am so grateful for! It was an awesome experience and we are so glad to have him here safe and healthy! Deagan looks a lot like Max did when he was born but Deagan is definetly more blonde- So Cute! We just love him!!!

Max's 18 MonthPictures & Pregnancy Pictures

So I had my friend Anna take these pictures of Max a few weeks ago for his 18 month milestone and to get a few cute shots of me pregnant- I am SO excited with how they turned out! Max was a little unsure about the pictures at first, so he gave lots of serious faces and only a few half smiles- still stinkin cute!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Max's Chair's New Look!!!

Rather than buying a new cover for our highchair, I decided to tackle the project of making one-
After!!!! I love it!!!!
I am pretty excited with how it turned out, and I even was able to get it all done today while Max was taking his nap!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lots of Catch up

Wow- So much to post about I don't even know where to start! I'm not sure where the time has gone, but it has flown by! I can't believe only 6 more weeks until our 2nd little dude is here! We've been up to lots of fun things, but i haven't been very good about taking pictures, so here are the few we have to document our fun- Beware, it is a long post! In Feb, Jeff and I went to Sun Valley for a long weekend for the annual company trip- It was a blast! We went on a snowmobiling adventure to Stanley for a day- Jeff found this amazing blue one piece snowsuit in a store in Sun Valley- Love it!!!
I wouldn't recommend riding 7 months pregnant- I had been feeling dizzy and barfy all weekend, and the snowmobile didn't help! Good thing I had the backrest and my own handles to hang onto as my daredevil hubby took us flying down the trails!!
We stopped on the way to Stanley at Redfish lake- It was amazing to see it in the winter- There were snowmobile tracks going across the lake, but we decided not to be that daring!
2 days after we got back from Sun Valley, I went to Bryce Canyon, UT for a quilt retreat(more about that later) this is Max and Jeff helping me get loaded in the car for my adventure-
Max has always loved being outside, but now that he is so independent and can run and play, he REALLY loves being outside! He's such a little stud!!

Max got his first ride on a motorcycle with daddy- I think he was a little nervous at first, but he loved it!
Jeff can't wait til our boys are grown up enough to really go riding with him!
Max has become such a little helper and loves to be involved in whatever is going on- He thought it was fun watching me make rolls and watching the mixer stir everything-
I am selling Scentsy and Max loves to play with the tester scents and is always wanting to smell them- He doesn't quite understand how to smell them yet, so he breathes out really hard and then sucks in through his mouth- So funny to watch!
I am not a fan of belly shots, but here I am at 36 weeks pregnant- Our midwife says we are measuring just right, but to plan on another 8 to 9 lb baby- I'm starting to get really nervous for all that is coming- labor, recovery, and most of all 2 little boys! So I just try not to think about any of it! One of these days though, my bliss that is coming from denial will quickly be gone.
Carrying Max is something that has gotten tougher and tougher! He is such a big boy! He doesn't understand the whole baby in Mommy's belly thing, but he likes to pat my belly!
Max has little buckets that he loves to have his 'treats' in. (Cheerios and Fruit loops) It's probably a bad habit, but if he's getting grouchy, we tell him to go find his bucket and we'll give him some treats- He always runs to find it and immediatly goes to the pantry door and waits for us to put some cereal in his bucket- Funny funny!
Today I was putting cheese in bags to freeze, and of course Max wanted to be in on the action. He loves standing on my flour bucket and he got to munch on a cookie and cheese today while I was busy- Gracie was busy anticipating the food that Max would drop-
After going to the retreat, I have been so motivated to get some of my projects done- Thank you Grandma for having us come down!!! This is a bag that I've been wanting to make for a long time and I just finished it the other day- Love it!
The inside- Perfect for a diaper bag or just a fun tote!
My Grandma wanted her daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters who had any interest in sewing to come down for the retreat that she has been doing for 17 years- This was the first year any family went and took classes- There were 8 of us there and it was SO fun to go have a girls week! I will definetly be going again! Jeff was amazing and kept Max for the week so I could just go and enjoy myself- This is one of the classes that I took and I finished it about a week after I got home- One of my first projects to actually be finished!!!
This one I saw done up at the retreat and came home and wanted to try it- Its called an Antique Baby Quilt- I love it!!! I'll be making many more of these!
Here's a close up of the cute fabrics and the back-

Friday, December 18, 2009


It feels like its been forever since I've updated the blog, but we have had a crazy past few months! But we have some big news so I decided I better sit down and do this-

We are so excited that Max will get to have a little brother in May!!! Our due date is May 7th and if you didn't know we were pregnant before now, don't feel bad. We kept this one a secret until almost Halloween and really still haven't told tons of people until now.

The other day when we had a good couple of inches of snow, we got Max all bundled up and let him go out and try out the snow. The pictures are in reverse order, but here is Max after we made him come in. I hadn't ever seen him throw a tantrum until that day. He stood by the back door for a good 15 min screaming and pounding on the door wanting to go back out!

He loved trying to follow the dogs, but he had a hard time walking in his big snow boots!

This is in the middle of Max's meltdown when we made him come in- i really tried not to laugh but it was SO funny!

Max fell a couple times and the poor little marshmallow couldn't get up so Gracie tried to help him- she seemed very concerned!

Such a happy little dude playing in the snow!
After his first little fall in the snow, Max was very hesitant and I think he was a little confused about the cold white stuff all over his hands-

For halloween, Max was a monkey- a SUPER cute Monkey!!! But I was a bad mom and didn't get a picture of him in his costume until after he had decided that he was done with the monkey head piece- here's a little peek at how cute he was

On Halloween we celebrated cousin McKay's birthday and Papa's birthday- Max had fun playing with his cousins in the leaves outside!

What a goof!!

He laughed and giggled when the leaves were thrown and came flying down on top of him